Fursona holding a furry adoptable NFT

Adopt your fursona

on the world's first furry NFT marketplace.

Welcome to Furry Auction. The NFT marketplace where you get furry adoptables through auctions.

In this marketplace, you can browse and find the adoptable you like the most, and then, bid with your crypto.

Here are some features in a nutshell:

  • Anonymous: There's no account system: You place bids sending crypto with your wallet.
  • Useful: You get the copyright of the fursonas you purchase.
  • Eco-Friendly: We're running on Hedera HBAR, a cryptocurrency you can't even mine.
  • No gas fees: Your NFTs will be uploaded for free.
  • Understandable: New in the crypto world? Don't worry, we've got some great guides!
Wool earth

Carbon negative

NFTs have a bad reputation for destroying the environment. Because they do.

When you mint an NFT with Ethereum, you have to pay a gas fee.
Then, those fees are given to the "computers" that are running the blockchain. While more power the "computer" uses, more contribution to the blockchain it has. And the greater the contribution, the higher the pay they receive.
That was an oversimplified explanation, but, basically, the blockchain rewards people for using energy. That's known as "mining". Mining exists because the blockchain has to run somehow, because the blockchain isn't a server, it's just a bunch of random people computers running a network. The problem is... Using that amount of energy for just "posting images on the blockchain" may be messed up.
Our NFTs don't.
Our NFT marketplace requires you to operate with HBARs. Hedera HBAR is a cryptocurrency that doesn't even use the 0.1% of the energy Bitcoin or Ethereum uses.
Remember the "mining" concept we told you about like 5 lines ago? Well, you can't mine HBARs. That's right. No random people wasting energy, heat and GPU's.
3D render of an adoptable. Contains a verified checkmark.

Yours, for ever.

Get the copyright of the art you purchase.

When you purchase an adoptable, their rights are transferred to you. This means you can use the character you bought for everything you can imagine.
For example, you can put the character in a commercial videogame you're making.

Your NFT will never be gone.

NFTs are stored in your Hedera account. Every NFT contains metadata, and that metadata contains the NFT name, the description, the tags and the image. Metadata is stored with the IPFS protocol, which means that even if this web dies, you'll still be able to see your NFT metadata, including the image.
Wool pencil

Artist friendly!

Sell your work.

Are you great at both character design and drawing? Well, time to show off!
In Furry Auction, you can sell your furry adoptables in auctions. Whoever bids the highest amount of HBAR wins.
Selling your stuff here is easy. You gotta fill out a form and done.
We told this like 2 times in this page, but, there are no gas fees. So, uploading your NFT is 100% free. On the other hand, the time you've spent making your art isn't free, but don't worry, if your adoptable doesn't get sold you're not losing the copyright, so you can always sell it somewhere else.

We're (trying to be) transparent!

So, here are a few things you must know:
  • If your NFT gets sold, we're taking the 10% of the sale. Gotta cover up this website's expenses somehow (This is a static website. But we have to pay fees for HBAR operations, such as refunding the money to whoever loses in an auction).
  • Currently, we must manually accept submissions, so you can't just upload an NFT and have it automatically in the marketplace. Don't worry, as long as you made the art you're trying to submit and it's good you're fine!
  • Unfortunately, not every great submission will be accepted because we can't mint a lot of NFTs a month due to money and manual labor constraints. This will change over time, depending on how many NFTs are getting sold after every submission period.