A guideline is a statement by which to determine a course of action. In order to get your submission accepted, you must follow them.

General guidelines.

The adoptable

An adoptable is a fursona made to be sold to someone whoever likes it the most.
This means that you, as an artist, can make any fursona design you want, without limitations, as long as they're a furry.
But bear in mind that a buyer must like it enough to bid for it!

Our goal in Furry Auction is to simplify the task of selling an adoptable by providing a platform where you can start an auction with them, where users will define the real value of your art, and at the same time, make your adoptable perpetual in the blockchain and useful for commercial or personal cases.


The name must have less than 17 characters.


The description can be as long as you want, but try not to write a book there. Put something that describes the adoptable the best. It may not be a good idea to give a personality, age, etc to the fursona, as often people buy them to cast their own ideas on them.


With "Image", we mean your art.
You can make your art by the way you like. Want to do it 3D? No problem. 2D? Sure! Gonna use clay? That may be an overkill. Your image must be a full body image of a fursona, from the head to the foots, posing in horizontal any angle, in an orthographic or normal perspective. (Just Google "furry ref sheet" if you're not sure what I'm talking about.)
We give you a total creative freedom. You can put any background you want. You can even add extra references, such as clothery, facial expressions, etc.
Just remember: The adoptable, after all is a fursona reference that the user may use to commision artists. So, add as much angles and references you can.

Image technical specs:

Good examples:

There are some examples of NFTs with well structured images (Contains at least 1 full body fursona), tags and name. In this case, we will use the description to describe why each NFT is a good example.
Generic female fox

This provides more than enough info to be a valid adoptable. This features a simple full body turnable and a facial close up with 2 expressions.

Red crystal fox

Animated adoptables are ok, but they're a risky move since you must reduce the image quality in order to not exceed the max 5MB file size. We recommend the use of animated WEBP files as they're smaller than GIFs.

Vertex fox

This sample art features a fox. While you can just draw a single full body fursona and nothing else (Like the gif example on the left), we encourauge you to use the 100% of the image by adding extra references.


As we've stated before, it doesn't matter the way you structure your art: As long as we have the full-body picture of the fursona, you're good to go!

Bad examples:

There are some examples of NFTs with BAD images, tags and name, and therefore they won't be accepted. Again, we will use the description to describe why each NFT is a good example.
Literally no-body

Ok, hear me out. This one looks better than the good examples, but as you can see, there's only the head, which means this is pretty much useless as an adoptable and will get rejected.


This is another example of what not to do. First, this is only a headshot and not a full-body fursona, just like the example on the left. Besides, in Furry Auction we sell furries, not trash.