Privacy Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide you with all the important information and explanations about how and why some of your data may be collected and processed by us when you browse on our website. This privacy policy governs and details the main principles that we apply to the data we collect and process to provide the service. This policy also aims to remind you about your rights and to provide you with all the elements you need to exercise them.


We / Us: when we speak of “Furry Auction” “we”, and “us”, we mean ourselves, the provider of the service.

Hedera: Hedera is the developer of HBAR, and is not affiliated to us. When we speak of "Hedera", we mean Hedera Hashgraph, LLC.

HBAR: Hedera's cryptocurrency.

The data we collect and how we use it

When you use our website, we can collect and process some of your data for different legitimate purposes. You will find below explanations regarding the reasons why we may collect data and the legal bases we rely in each case.

Anonymous data

We collect analytics. We're using Cloudfare for analytics. Cloudfare's Web Analytics collects the minimum amount of information - timing metrics - to show us how our websites perform. We do not track individual end users across our customers’ Internet properties.

This website contains instances where your web browser will gather the information of a Hedera Token. That information includes but is not limited HBAR wallets addresses and the transaction amount; So bear in mind that if you make a HBAR transaction to one of this website's wallets, your address will be displayed publicly.

Personal data

When you send a form in this website, you're sending to us your Personal data. "Personal data" is data that allows us to identify or contact you, such as your:

as well as any other non-public information about you that is associated with or linked to any of the foregoing data.

Your data will be stored in a sheet stored in Google's Cloud / Google Workspace, which means Google will also handle it. Please, read their privacy policies too:

Google Workspace & Google Cloud Platform Commitments to the GDPR. Google Cloud Platforms privacy FAQs. Google's privacy policies.

We will use your personal data to contact you about your NFT submission status.

Data deletion

If your data remains unused, it will be deleted. By "unused" we mean, for example, that we haven't contacted you in more than 30 days or that we've rejected your submission and we don't think we'll accept it in the future.
On the other hand, we can delete your data for any reason, including but not limited to inappropiate content.

We don't accept data of users whose age is under 13. If you think we've got your (as a minor) or your children (as a parent) personal data, please contact us so we can remove it.

Finally, you can request us to modify, delete or show to you your data. In order to do so, contact us with the same email you've submitted in the form. We will reply as soon as we can with the status of your data.

Contact us

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