Want to sell the adoptable you made, huh?
Well, you're in the right place!
Unfortunately, minting an NFT is a manual process, so we must review and pick quality submissions.
Don't worry! Just read the guidelines and you'll be fine.
Now, fill out the form below. Have fun!

We need your email so we can contact you!

You must have a HBAR wallet so we can send you the money. But don't worry! You can leave this field empty; we will still review your application. If your application gets accepted and your NFT gets sold, we will help you to make a wallet so we can send there your well deserved money!

Let's show off! Please, share with us at least one social media profile you have.
We need this to check to check if you're a person who can actually draw or if you're impersonating someone else.
If we are in doubt, we may send private messages to you asking if you've done an application here.

Here comes the coolest part! Let's make the NFT, together!

First, give a name to the fursona. You can put something like "Deer Dog" or even something radder, like "The Deearly bloodhound".

Then, write a description. It can be long, but bear in mind that only one line will appear when your NFT appears in the marketplace page. The full description will be shown once the user gets into your NFT page. Try to make a descriptive description!

You must paste the image URL of the fursona you want to sell. You'll have to upload the image anywhere (Google Drive, Imgur, etc...) and paste its URL here. If you're afraid of using file hosting websites, then send an email with your image to [email protected] and fill the "Image:" input with something like "I sent it via email".

Finally, specify the species of the fursona. You must put something like "Fox". If the fursona has multiple species (hybrid), you must separate the species with commas: "Fox, Wolf, Elephant". There's a limit of 4 species.

After filling out the form, press the "Submit" button.